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Our team really values your smile and oral health. We want to help you replace any missing teeth that are preventing you from having effective oral health and a dream smile that you love. We invite you to consider receiving dentures to replace the tooth gaps in your smile.

There are two types of dentures, and these are partial or complete. Both of these styles for restorations can effectively replace teeth and provide you with results that look natural, but they offer some slight differences. Partial dentures fill tooth gaps left by one or more missing teeth in one area of your smile, and they use the surrounding natural teeth to attach and remain secure. Complete dentures replace all the teeth in an arch and remain in place by suctioning to the roof of your mouth.

When first placed, your dentures may feel slightly uncomfortable in your mouth, but you should adjust to them quickly. For example, you could experience increased saliva production during this period of adjustment. To help you adjust to your dentures faster, you can practice speaking and chewing with your new appliance.

If you have lost some teeth, Dr. Prachi Deore and our team can help you determine if dentures in Coppell, Texas, are the appropriate appliance to enhance your smile. We invite you to call Coppell Smiles at 972-315-2200 today and schedule an appointment with our doctor for a tooth replacement consultation!