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If you have developed a cavity, our dentist can provide you with your oral health care options, including dental fillings. There are many varieties and styles of dental fillings, depending on your dental care needs. We can offer fillings that mimic the natural appearance of your teeth and treat different sizes of cavities. Our dentist can help you determine which dental filling options are best for the cavities that need to be treated to prevent tooth loss.

If you are in need of a dental filling that can improve a large cavity, we may recommend dental amalgams, which are a mixture of different metals combined together. Despite their metallic color can make them very visible in your smile, dental amalgams are known to be extremely durable in treating large cavities on the back teeth. If you are more interested in receiving fillings that don’t leave your smile with a metallic shine, you may benefit more from composite dental fillings because their tooth-colored appearance can be adjusted to match your smile’s natural color. Composite fillings are often ideal for microscopic cavities that dental amalgams cannot treat due to their size.

If your dental filling becomes damaged from an oral accident or injury, our dentist may need to remove it. While a dental amalgam has to be removed completely before we can place a new one, tooth-colored composite fillings can be placed atop one another several times before the original filling needs to be removed.

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