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When you have poor oral health your body is also in harm’s way. Do you find yourself skipping your daily oral hygiene or foregoing recommended six-month dental cleanings? If so, you may be impacting more than just your smile. Today, our dentists, Dr. Prachi Deore and Dr. Jones would like to show you how your oral health directly affects your health and well-being.

#1 Oral pain: The most obvious impact of poor oral health is experiencing oral and facial pain. Tooth decay is painful, but periodontal disease is as well. If you have periodontal, or gum disease, the gum tissue becomes inflamed and infected. The cause of tooth decay and gum disease is the buildup of plaque and tartar build-up when you fail to remove it from the teeth and gumline. With time, you will find yourself with loose teeth or tooth loss.

#2 Digestive Issues: Since the digestive process begins in the mouth, if you find yourself unable to chew your food to break it down sufficiently, your body is susceptible to intestinal failure, irritable bowel syndrome, or other serious digestive disorders. By working to keep your smile healthy and free from decay and tooth loss, your digestive tract will also function properly.

#3 Organ Issues: The link between your oral health and the major organs in your body is well established. When you have oral infections, bacteria will travel through the bloodstream and impact the vital organs, such as the heart. As the organs become inflamed from this bacterial infection, you can incur serious complications.

Thankfully, there is good news! As you practice diligent daily oral care, your body will thrive along with your smile. Simply taking the time each day to brush and floss will give your body the boost it needs to serve you well. Rounding out your daily oral hygiene care with regular dental check-ups and professional cleanings will place you on the track to a healthier lifestyle.

If you need help with your smile, please call us at Coppell Smiles. Dr. Prachi Deore and Dr. Jones look forward to supporting your oral health goals in Coppell, Texas. Just call 972-315-2200 today, and give yourself the care your smile and body deserve!