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As the Halloween season breaks into full swing, it is important to make sure you are doing everything you can to keep your smile at its peak. Always practice safe and effective treatments, use proper cleaning utensils, and exercise caution with any products you consume. Here is a list of tips to think about to help keep your smile safe this Halloween:

– Decide in advance what to do with extra candy, as planning what to do with your sweets can come in handy.
– Visit your dentist for an exam and cleaning to make sure your smile is gleaming.
– Eat healthy treats so that your smile can stay sweet.
– Check the candy that your child receives to ensure they won’t end up with cavities.
– Allow your children to experience trick-or-treating joys, but switch out their candy for money or toys.
– Residue from candy can linger for weeks, so brush effectively with proper techniques.

Don’t be afraid to turn down a sweet or two if you have already had too many. If you have any additional questions, or to book an appointment with Dr. Prachi Deore, please contact us at 972-315-2200, or stop by our office in Coppell, Texas. From all of us at Coppell Smiles, have a ‘fangtastic’ Halloween!