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Were you aware of what dental bonding is and how it can improve your smile? Dental bonding is a dentistry procedure designed to enhance your smile by altering and restoring the surface of it with durable materials that can drastically enhance the protection and safety of a tooth. Oftentimes, dental bonding treatments can be used to adjust the length of a tooth or define its shape. They can also be used to conceal minor surface damage, as a dental bonding treatment is a highly effective treatment to consider.

If you are suffering from any dental damage that you wish to cover up, a dental bonding treatment is a wise choice. Dental bonds are highly effective for chipped or cracked teeth and are helpful for covering up stains and discolorations. Because dental bonds are so durable, they can often last over 10 years before they may need to be repaired or replaced. They can also help correct spaces between teeth. If you have any situations that need to change the shape of your teeth or even cover up a portion of a tooth that may have been exposed due to gum recession, dental bonds can help. Resin fillings are often used to help fill in cavities that may have arisen. A dental resin bond is a wonderful treatment to use as a dental filling because they can naturally mimic the color of your teeth and blend in seamlessly.

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