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Our teeth really are amazing tools, aren’t they? They help us speak and enjoy our food every day. And, for the most part, we take good care of them. But sometimes, regular brushing and flossing isn’t enough. Our back teeth (molars and premolars) are made of ridges and depressions that make effective cleaning difficult. How can you keep your molars cavity-free?

An extra layer of protection can be achieved with dental sealants. These are thin coats of plastic applied to the chewing surfaces of teeth. When plaque is not removed from teeth, it can cause cavities. Plaque is more common in back teeth where there are many cracks and crevices for it to lodge. Dental sealants go between your teeth and the harmful plaque.

Dental sealants are great for children since they are more prone to cavities than adults. They can be applied as soon as permanent teeth appear, but baby teeth can also receive the treatment. Adults can also benefit from sealants. They are not used as fillings or to repair tooth damage.

Application is quick and painless, and once bonded, sealants last for several years. They are resilient against normal chewing activity, but can easily be replaced if they become chipped or worn. Many insurance plans cover them, as well.

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