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If you have an unattractive tooth that distracts from the beauty of your smile, it’s time to consider a dental crown! A dental crown is a tooth-shaped cap that covers your tooth and restores its shape, size, and strength as well as improves its appearance.

A dental crown is a great option in many situations, including situations where:

• You need to protect a weak tooth from breaking
• You need to restore a broken tooth
• You need to strengthen a tooth that has been worn down
• You need to support a tooth that has a large filling
• You need to secure a dental bridge into place
• You need to cover a dental implant
• You need to disguise an irregularly shaped tooth
• You need to cover a severely discolored tooth
• You need to improve the appearance of your tooth

Dental crowns are also beneficial for children who need to protect their teeth from tooth decay as well as repair a tooth that has been severely damaged.

The dental crown will completely cover the visible portion of the tooth that lies above the gum line. The product is generally made of porcelain or ceramic materials, which makes the dental crown natural looking and beautiful. If you would like to improve the health and appearance of your tooth, call our office today and schedule an appointment. We look forward to working with you!