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Would you be surprised to hear that brushing and flossing every day will help you keep your teeth healthy and strong? Similarly, would you be surprised to hear that you should also visit our dentist regularly? Still, even if you keep your teeth as clean as you could, you could still have to deal with gum disease—which can lead to gum recession.

Unfortunately, gum disease is actually fairly common. In reality, nearly 50% of Americans actually have some stage of gum disease and gum recession is actually one common symptom of gum disease. Still, there are several signs you can watch for if you’re hoping to identify gum disease. For example, red or tender gums or a brown spot on your gums could actually lead to gum recession. Similarly, sensitive teeth and teeth that seem that seem to be getting longer might also be signs that you have gum recession.

Fortunately, simple steps like brushing and flossing might help you treat gum disease. You can also avoid gum disease and gum recession simply by brushing gently or by choosing a brush with soft bristles. This is important because brushing too hard can damage your teeth and your gums. Similarly, if you grind your pearly whites, which you may be doing during your sleep, you might have to deal with gum recession. We also suggest visiting our team every six months. These checkups will give us a chance to deal with issues like gum disease.

If you’re interested in learning more about dealing with gum recession in Coppell, Texas, please feel free to contact Coppell Smiles at 972-315-2200. Our dentist, Dr. Prachi Deore, and of our team will gladly assess your oral health and offer you specific advice. We’re excited to meet with you soon.